About Us

As one of the leading communication agencies in the Middle East , Fillip has created high quality services with a team of professionals for its partners during the last decade.

Fillip started its activity in 2011 market research but changes were happening in the digital world, so as a modern company we started to focus our activity on developing and promoting businesses in all kinds of digital platforms and expanding our work and services throughout all online media channels.

Due to getting high value results and happy clients in the Online Marketing field, Fillip began to expand its activity to other advertising forms and channels. With gaining experience in Web Analytics and mastering the knowledge of customer behavior, the company evolved into a 360 degree agency which was consulting and supervising different businesses and helping them to achieve seasonal and yearly targets.


Our Mission

Fillip advertising agency will work with businesses not only as a contracting party, but also as a fulltime partner. With bringing experienced staff and the most modern data and techniques to the table, Fillip reaches for optimizing the effectiveness of marketing for its worldwide partners.


Our Vision

The company’s vision has always been to be a high value creator, using the newest information for developing the best strategies and ideas to businesses and company’s partners with the aim of gaining their corporate goals.


Our Values

Protecting the customer’s interests and optimizing the advertising funds

Creating and maximizing the shared value between Fillip and its clients

Representing creative and optimized solutions

Organizational Structure, commitment to timing, teamwork and deep working

Creativeness, Innovations and constant learning

Professional behavior, maintaining human dignity on the inside and outside the company


Organizational Structure

چارت سازمانی آژانس تبلیغاتی - Fillip Organization Chart